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Award-winning wildlife conservation holidays with a purpose from one day to several weeks. Not-for-profit & only running our own projects. Fully involved with & integrated into the local community & conservation, with our staff on site.

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Biosphere Expeditions is a multi-award-winning not-for-profit participatory conservation organisation offering hands-on wildlife volunteer expeditions as an adventure with a purpose for everyone.

Biosphere Expeditions’ citizen science is for people from all walks of life who want to help support and conserve the biosphere that we all live in. Biosphere Expeditions gives people a way to harness their enthusiasm and put it to good effect by coming to work on voluntourism projects simply using the money and time that they would have spent going on an ordinary holiday.

You can join our volunteer vacations for anything from a weekend to several months and at least two-thirds of your volunteer holiday contribution will go directly into the wildlife conservation project locally, funding it long-term and sustainably.

Experience conservation in action

Come with Biosphere Expeditions on a conservation holiday volunteer work expedition to remote and interesting parts of the world to experience conservation and voluntourism in action, and work alongside field scientists to safeguard our biosphere’s wild animals and places. Simply spend your holiday time in a different way and help us to do more in wildlife conservation volunteering around the world.

Safe, fun and open to all

Our three key themes are safety, science and satisfaction, because our core belief is that you will work best when you are safe, well looked after, well rested and having fun. Our volunteer holidays are open to all, there are no special skills (biological or otherwise) required to join as all necessary skills will be taught as part of the volunteer vacation, and there are no age limits whatsoever. Our conservation volunteering team members are people from all walks of life, of all ages, looking for an adventure with a purpose. Teams are small and there is a dedicated expedition leader with the voluntourism project at all times.

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